You’ve just purchased the first soft, fluffy pet rabbit. Now you’ll need a rabbit home! If this sounds like the first rabbit, you might not even be familiar with all of the options or from the benefits and drawbacks of every. Rabbit cages and hutches could be a big investment so understanding the advantages and disadvantages of every type may help you save money over time.

The kind of rabbit cage you select depends upon many factors. The main factors are regardless of whether you plan to maintain your rabbit inside or outdoors and regardless if you are raising only one rabbit or several. You will find 3 fundamental kinds of rabbit cages: 1) wooden hutches 2) wire cages having a solid plastic bottom and three) all wire cages that may house single or multiple rabbits.

The first consideration is to plan to maintain your rabbit. The very best outdoors rabbit home will be the wooden hutch. Most wooden hutches provide good shelter from rain and also the elements plus some shelter from the cold.

If you’re keeping the pet rabbit in the wire cage having a solid plastic bottom can be a sensible choice. Small rabbit breeds prosper in small cages of the type and if you wish to have your dog near to you this is an excellent option. The primary drawback to this kind is it will have to be cleaned frequently since there’s not a way for that rabbit waste to visit anywhere but within the solid plastic tray. Rabbits have a tendency to use only one section of their cage like a “bathroom” to allow them to also be easily cat litter box trained utilizing a corner style cat litter box and litter if you opt to achieve this. This could simplify upkeep of the cage and the odor lower as well as your pet bunny clean.

Cages made from wire work recommended that you have multiple rabbits and they’re being housed on the veranda, inside a shed or perhaps in a garage. The rabbit waste fall with the wire bottom maintaining your rabbit clean. Many of these cages have a built-in tray made from either plastic or galvanized sheet metal that may be easily removed without disturbing the rabbit. Make sure to compost the rabbit waste because they will truly strengthen your plants or look for a gardener where you live to talk about the waste with. They’ll thanks and can most likely even provide you with a few of their abundant harvest. Some wire cages could be stacked if you have a lot of rabbits and space is a problem, you are able to economize on space by doing this.