Most pet owners know the experience of walking dogs. Sometimes, canines are just unruly. They refuse to listen, and sometimes, the walker is dragged endlessly along the way. This is the precise reason why collars aren’t a good choice for walking your pet, especially if you have a big and rowdy dog. Instead, you can choose a dog harness, which offers much better control and are effective for varied other situations, as well. If you have an older dog, a harness will be handy for dealing with mobility problems. In this post, we will talk about choosing the best dog harness.

When to choose a harness?

If you have a dog that tends to pull during the walks, you should consider a harness. Unlike a collar, which is around the neck, the harness is around the dog’s body, and therefore, there is no pressure on the neck. You can enjoy better control, especially on walks and in dog parks, where canines often run behind smaller things and other pets. Harnesses are also good for dogs that have neck problems in particular.


Types of harnesses

Harnesses can be classified into two broad categories. The first one is a standard harness, which distributes the force on the back and chest. These are perfect for smaller dogs, especially if you are walking puppies. For rambunctious pooches, you will need a no-pull harness. This kind of product will tighten when the canine starts to pull, and therefore, you can have better control. Such harnesses are great for large dogs.

Tips on buying

If you are new to dogs and their habits, you need to be extra cautious about choosing a dog harness. First things first, harnesses do have different sizes, just like collars. In case you are buying online, measure your dog’s neck and chest before making a choice. Secondly, you need to consider the material. In many homes, harnesses are used all the time, which can lead to certain skin problems, unless the material is of high quality. Thirdly, consider the design and style. Some products are designed to grow at night, which can be handy for finding your pet. Also, you need to consider the hardware and hooks, which should be of the best grade possible to avoid snapping.

As for the price, you will find some of the best products online. Online retailers like YourDogIsWorthItToo have some amazing discounts, which can help in saving more!